The last Message of Prophet Mohammad S.A.W

9 Dhu al-Hijjah 10 (March 7, 632 CE) We are writing to you the meaning of the sermon that our last Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, gave on the occasion of the last Hajj.

Hazrat Muhammad Rasulullah ﷺ said

1. O people! Listen, I don’t think I’ll be among you next year. Listen very carefully to my words, and convey them to those who could not reach here.

2. O people! Just as this day, this month and this place are honorable. In the same way, the life, honor and property of other Muslims are sacred.

3. Return the wealth and trusts of the people to them.

4. Don’t bother anyone, don’t harm anyone. May you also be safe.

5. Remember, you have to meet Allah, and Allah will question you about your deeds.

6. Allah abolished interest, so abolish (forgive) all interest from today.

7. You have rights over women, and they have rights over you. While they are fulfilling their rights, you fulfill all their responsibilities.

8. Maintain a gentle attitude towards women, because they are your partners and selfless servants.

9. Never even come close to adultery.

10. O people! Listen to me carefully, worship only Allah, complete the five obligatory prayers, fast in Ramadan, and pay Zakat. If you can, do Hajj.

11. Every Muslim is the brother of every other Muslim. You are all equal in the eyes of Allah. Superiority is only due to piety.

12. Remember! One day you will be present before Allah for the accountability of your actions, be careful! Do not go astray after me.

13. Remember! No prophet will come after me, nor will a new religion be brought. Understand my words well.

14. I am leaving two things for you, the Qur’an and my Sunnah, if you follow them you will never go astray.

15. Listen! Those of you who are there, pass it on to the next people. And then convey it to the next people. And it is possible that the latter can understand (and act on) my words better than the former.

Then he raised his face to heaven and said,
16. O Allah! Be a witness, I have delivered your message to your people.

We pray to Allah to grant us all the ability to do this, Ameen

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